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Best-selling Author David Newby comes to Makati on October 16, 2007, for the ONLY time in 2007.  This is David's first-ever event in the Philippines. Read below to see how you can get an autographed copy of his best-selling book FREE!



Nine Reasons  Why You MUST Attend This "Insider Secrets" To Financial Planning Seminar!

1  We Show You How To Retire in 2 – 10 Years Guaranteed!
2.  Trabaho Philippines – Stop Looking For Jobs and Start a Business Instead!
3. Contrarian Investment Strategies That Put Money In Your Pocket!
4. Financial Planning Secrets – That Elevate Your Income!
5. Dynamic Home Equity Secrets – Retire in Style!
6. Secrets for Seekers of Passive Income – Revealed!
7. Live Philippines Seminar Shows You How To Invest With Confidence!
8. The Only Type of Financial Investments You Should Consider!

Rock Solid Financial Group and Newsmakers Inc. Present

David Newby’s

Prosperity Power Merienda

“Unlock The Wealth Already

Within You”

David Newby


Registration Below


Tuesday, 2:37PM

Dear Kaibigan,

If you'd like to finally discover the hidden keys to being prosperous, retire sooner and more comfortably than you ever imagined, and create massive wealth that is kept in your family for generations to come without having to leave the Philippines or become a professional investor, then this might be the most important invitation you'll ever read. 



Would you like to have the knowledge to KNOW you're going to fulfill your dreams in life? 


Would you like to be armed with the skills to guarantee you'll become a multi-millionaire WITHOUT having to leave the Philippines and be apart from your family? 


Do you want to invest like the Ayalas, Warren Buffets, and Donald Trumps of the world do?


Well, NOW YOU CAN!  Read this whole letter for the next 5 minutes to get all the details.


My name is David Newby.  I grew up on welfare in a broken home (my dad tried to kill my mom when I was 7 and they divorced), I moved 47 times by the time I was 17, and I got laid off from my first full-time job at 23 as a newlywed.  I also was able to semi-retire at age 32, and I help clients to retire in 2-10 years (sometimes less).  How did I make such a quantum leap from poverty to prosperity?  By learning about money as an adult through educating myself.


Just to let you know, I'm aware of how fortunate I was to grow up in America.  I used to complain when we lived on welfare ($504/month) that I had to wear donated clothes from mga kaibigan sa simbahan and $2 plastic shoes.  When I was 10 years old in the summer of 1984 my mom, my brother, and I lived in the Philippines as medical missionaries.  We stayed in Bagong Barrio in Quezon City, right next to the University of the Philippines campus.  While there, I met kids my own age whose parents had sold them for food.


After that experience, two things happened to me:

1. I stopped complaining about not having new things as was grateful for the blessings I had living in the United States.

2. I fell in love with Filipino culture and the friendliness and generosity of Filipinos.  I was so moved that I told my mom I would marry a Filipina one day, and 11 years later I met my wife in Detroit and I fulfilled my vow!


Me, my mom Violet, and brother Mark

with friends in Bagong Barrio, July 1984

Me and my wife Rhea


Flash forward to today: Aking asawa and I have delewang anak, and I love the Philippines so much my wife and I are planning to move "back home" next year.  I plan to help Filipinos start their own companies, and I'll be working with microfinance organizations to help fund small businesses also.



So now that you know my Philippine background and vision to be a "business missionary," here's why you need to be at the seminar I'm hosting October 16...


Let me start by telling you I'm a highly sought after Wealth Coach who coaches some of the savviest investors around the world.  I'm NOT a financial planner and don't invest my clients' money; I empower people to take more control over their own finances.  And financial planners can't even tell their clients about many of the things I reveal to them.


Needless to say, that's where my big problem lies... I only have so many hours in the day and can only help so many people 1 on 1.


I made tons of mistakes along my journey from wage slave to financial independence, and if you're like 19 out of every 20 people, you're likely making the same mistakes I was making with my money in the past (even if you're a multi-millionaire now you're likely making AT LEAST 1 of them).


The fact of the matter is that we're not taught how to be prosperous or successful sa eskwela, and most of us didn't learn it from our parents either. 


“Hey Trabaho Philippines – Don’t Just Get A Job – Start A Business Instead!"


"What has impressed me about David Newby is his commitment to stand behind his word and also to provide ideas for investment which can give great returns.  One such investment gave me a 50% return in 4 months."

- Minesh Baxi, business coach and author of "Top 10 Blunders Business Owners Make" www.MBaxi.com



To help people learn the little-known secrets I've learned to go from poverty to prosperity, I've put together a 2 hour presentation called the Prosperity Power Merienda where I will teach you the mindset, investment strategies and vehicles, and business principles necessary to create lasting abundance for you and your family.  In this seminar you will learn how to completely recondition yourself for financial success. 



Here's just a portion of what you'll learn at the Prosperity Power Merienda on Tues., Oct. 16:

§        The one obstacle that is keeping you from being financially free no matter HOW much money you make- and how to overcome it

§    How to avoid risking what you already have while building your business or career

  • Why 92% of the people you know will retire broke- and the one thing you can do to avoid this fate (regardless of how well you’re doing in your business or at your job)

  • How to Invest Like The Rich and Earn Twice What the Stock Market Averages or More- SAFELY! (Talaga- one kaibigan of mine has done this for over 28 years)

  • How I help clients retire in 2-10 years, and how you can too

  • How to virtually GUARANTEE you'll retire a multi-millionaire

  • How to create a lasting legacy of prosperity for your children and generations to come


“Hey Trabaho Philippines - Imagine Learning How To Unlock The Secrets To Your Financial Dreams
and Prosperity!”

Jhet van Ruyven / White Rock, B.C.


Best-Selling Author | PEOPLE Asia Person of the Year awardee


This Prosperity Power Merienda can give you the knowledge to start your life in a whole new powerful direction.  Don't take my word for it though; see what some of my clients have to say:

Star Hansen/ Los Angeles CA


Organizer to The Stars | Founder of www.SimplifiedSpaces.org


"Although I run a successful business and work with celebrity clients, I was struggling to charge for what my time was worth; David helped me break through those old self-destructive beliefs and habits.  Since working with David my business is running better than ever.  I will recommend David to anyone who wants to completely revolutionize how they do business, their thought process, and their life.” 




Jeff Dameron/ Warren MI


Real Estate Investor and Health Food Business Owner


"Before, I had an IRA that was not performing. For 2004 & 2005 I actually lost money. I met David Newby and for 2006, I made 50% annualized return backed by real estate. So here’s my check... just got it tonight.  I highly recommend David Newby; contact him if you want to make money secured by real estate."




Vilma Vitiello/ Clearwater FL


Retired from being a landlord in only 3 months! | Enjoying Retirement :-)


"I rented out properties for 15years as a single mom. I got tired of irresponsible tenants. Using David’s system, I was able to retire in 31/2 months. Laying out my blueprint was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Now I don’t have to deal with those bad tenants any longer. Thank you David!”



Bessy and Carlos Rendon / Los Angeles CA


Protecting Their Home Equity | Using Cashflow Investments To Retire Fast!



Let Me Show You  P.R.O.V.E.N. Financial Planning Strategies That Build Your Equity

Step-by-Step Contrarian Investing Techniques That Pull In Results!

So, you may be wondering, how much does the Prosperity Power Merienda cost? 

I'll tell you now it's normally priced at $97.  But you won't pay anywhere near that price. Since this is the first time I'm hosting this event in the Philippines, I want to give you lots of special bonuses for attending... at a greatly reduced price!

Here's what you'll get when you attend the Prosperity Power Merienda on Tuesday, October 16, 2007:

1. A ticket to the event. ($97 value)

2. A FREE copy of my book "Why Didn't Anyone Teach Me This?" that I will gladly sign for you after my talk. ($22.97 value +$197 of bonuses)

3. Three surprise bonuses that I'll reveal to you at the seminar ($3000 value)

--> Total Value= $3314.97

Since I love Filipinos so much and want to truly make a difference in my asawa's home country, I have decided to make this event affordable for as many pinoys serious about improving their finances as possible.  As such, I am not charging the normal $97 cost.  I'm not even pricing it at $67

--> Total Cost= only $30 (P1500)!

*If you're already a successful investor and/or business owner who is interested in doing even better, I have some exciting strategies just for YOU that I'll reveal at the event.  Most of my multi-millionaire contacts in the U.S. don't even know HOW to get access to what I'll reveal to you on Oct. 16!* 

I expect the Prosperity Power Merienda to sell out very quickly because it's priced so low PLUS you simply can't get this combination of training and tools anywhere else!  The venue only holds 280 people, and once it's sold out we can't take any more people.  As such, don't delay!  Reserve your seat NOW.

Click here now to register for the Prosperity Power Merienda and receive an additional $3286 in FREE bonuses!


[If you prefer to register by phone, you can call Newsmakers Inc. at (2) 438-7200/ 911-5615/ 339-3102 to save your spot from 9AM-4PM Monday to Friday.]


David with Donald Trump's original

'Apprentice' Bill Rancic

David with Thom Filicia, star of

'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy'

David w/ Playboy Bunnies at a

Playboy Mansion charity event

David with Mad Mike, star of the

MTV hit show 'Pimp My Ride'



Click below to see David on a U.S. Pinoy TV show!


David appears on "Kababayan LA" spring 2007





Using a financial blueprint like the ones he creates for his clients, David Newby went from less than zero to retired in under 2 years!  Financial consultant, investor, and wealth coach, David designs financial blueprints for his clients so they can protect what they have and invest like the ultra-wealthy.

David Newby's motto is "Your cash flow determines your TRUE wealth more than your net worth" and he has the unique ability to help his clients to create passive income streams instead of focusing on their net worth.




So there you have it.  I love helping people improve their finances, and I want to help YOU at iyong pamilya financially.  If you've read this far and you haven't registered for the Prosperity Power Merienda yet, I have just one question for you: looking back 5 years ago, how much more is your net worth today than it was 5 years ago?  Looking forward 5 years, do you want to be in the same situation then that you're in now?


Do you want to be under the same pressures, the same stress, feel the same uncertainty about your finances and your retirement?  Unless you do something different, you likely WILL be in the same situation 5 years from now that you're in now. 


What are you waiting for?!  Click here now to register for the Prosperity Power Merienda on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 in Makati.  To register by phone, call Newsmakers Inc. now at (2) 438-7200/ 911-5615/ 339-3102 to save your spot from 9AM-4PM Mon.-Fri.


God bless you, ingat ka, and I look forward to meeting you soon! 



Iyong Kaibigan,

David R. Newby

David "Reverse Coconut" Newby

(one of my pinoy friends told me I'm a reverse coconut- puti on the outside, and pinoy on the inside)


P.S. I want you to be the most "prosperous pinoy" you can be.  That's why I am hosting the Prosperity Power Merienda this Oct. 16 in Makati.  I also want to help thousands of Filipinos in the Philippines start their own businesses so they don't feel pressured to leave their families behind and work overseas. 


Make sure you register now for the Prosperity Power Merienda by clicking here.  Once the event is sold out we won't be able to accommodate you, and the venue only holds 280 people.  There are 231 217 seats remaining, and they will go quick at this ridiculously low price of $30.  Remember you're getting a total of over $3286 of value (ticket to the event, FREE copy of my book with book bonuses, PLUS chance to get your book signed by me) for only $30 Reserve your spot before they're all gone!


Again, to register by phone, call Newsmakers Inc. now at (2) 438-7200/ 911-5615/ 339-3102 to save your spot from 9AM-4PM.




P.P.S. Opportunities like this don't come along every day.  Those who become ultra-successful in life are those who recognize a good thing when they see it and seize opportunity!  Take a chance on transforming your life and the destiny of your family. You and your family deserve it.  Register here now before it's too late.

God bless you and may all your endeavors prosper!


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